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Title: Voltage Questions with Silvertron Jr. -- HELP PLEASE!!
Post by: KaileenS on March 24, 2020, 07:58:50 PM
Hi all:  I bought my Silvertron Jr. years ago, and just never got around to buying the magnetic stirrer, etc., finally am motivated by coronavirus, and got the stirrer in the mail today.  I had read the instructions on the Jr. several times, sterilized my jar, filled with distilled h2o, plugged in the unit, charge showed 28 amps as in directions.  Touched the two electrode clips together, 0 amps just as in directions.  I followed Diedre on Earth Clinic's directions re mixing up the electrolyte solution, and added 20 drops per her instructions.  But followed the manual re adding the reducing agent at the same time.  I put the silver bar in the solution as directed, then adjusted the silver wire as directed, and got the amps to 15 (directions said between 10-20 range) just perfectly, but then found that my switch was set on low, even though I was using a magnetic stirrer and hot plate (not very hot yet).  But I had a silver bullion bar and a stirrer (with a vortex of at least 1" the whole processing time), so I should be using HI setting according to the directions.  But on high, no matter how high or low I put the silver negative wire, the amps stay at 28.  What am I doing wrong?
     According to the timetable, it would only take 24 mins to do a quart of 20 ppm silver.  My solution is a light yellow at this point.  I saw particles coming off the negative pole I think.  Does the amperage only go that low on low?  I just want to be sure that I am getting effective Colloidal Silver!!  I heated it in the microwave after the proper processing time m(24 mins) to just below boiling, and here is a picture of how it looks....thoughts from those of you with MUCH more experience than myself?  This is my first batch :)  TIA!!!  Karen
Title: Re: Voltage Questions with Silvertron Jr. -- HELP PLEASE!!
Post by: wgpeters on March 24, 2020, 08:48:16 PM
I think you are confusing amps and volts.  Early Jrs had a milliammeter, and later ones had a voltmeter.
Without the electrodes connected, the voltmeter should read about 28, so thats perfect.

Touching the leads together should make the voltage go to 0, so thats good.

On low, the current is set to 3 ma. On high, its set to 12 ma.
Earth Clinic's instructions for mixing the electrolyte are wrong, follow the instructions.

Remake your electrolyte and try again.

Title: Re: Voltage Questions with Silvertron Jr. -- HELP PLEASE!!
Post by: KaileenS on March 25, 2020, 07:55:53 PM
Dear WG/Kephra:  thanks so much!!  I had washing soda so I used the recipe from Earth Clinic, but after getting your email, baked some kitchen baking soda, made new electrolyte solution, and processed another batch, and the wattage was PERFECT!  And you were right, of course, it is wattage, not amps...I am FAR from an electronic whiz, that's clear, LOL!  The new batch looks exactly the color that Diedre says is correct -- like baby shampoo :)
      I have a question:  in your directions, you say between 10-20 on the meter.  Does it make a difference which end of that scale?  Or is 15, dead in the center, the safest place to be?  Also, the magnetic stirrer that I bought is also a hot plate -- I have been running it on 1/3 of the way up, which is warm, but not really hot.  After the batch ran for the specified 24 minutes, I removed the electrodes, and just let it warm further on the hot plate to reduce it. I know people say to put it in the microwave, but since I have it on the hot plate already, and truthfully don't LOVE microwaves, heating it that way till it is the tell-tale color of reduced colloidal silver is fine, right?  If it is more advantageous for the finished product, I will, of course, use the microwave.  Also, I remember from my chemistry classes that the heat of a solution affects the speed of most chemical reactions -- should I adjust the processing time if the solution is hot?  I haven't seen anything about that in your directions, even though you mention the use of a hot plate.
      I am mailing yesterday's batch to my daughter-in-law across the country, and put it in a thoroughly washed club soda bottle (rinsed with distilled water several times after washing and rinsing with detergent and regular water), since I am concerned with breakage in the mail. I know that glass, and dark glass is preferable after shipping, right?  How long will this colloidal silver stay effective if kept from UV or other light, and stored in glass to stop any reactions?
      Do I understand that you are the maker of the unit I am using?  If so, how is your health issue coming along? I have more than a healthy distrust for the allopathic medical community, I'm afraid, so I hope you will be led to the correct information that will allow you to take steps to work with your body to heal itself!!  I am sorry for so many questions, but I feel that the ability to understand this process and make good Colloidal Silver is a huge help not only to me but all of my family and friends, as I tend to self treat most things rather than run to the MD's for pharmaceuticals!!  I was pre-med at one point, and am a student of natural health, so lots of questions kind of comes naturally to me :) Thanks again!!  Karen
Title: Re: Voltage Questions with Silvertron Jr. -- HELP PLEASE!!
Post by: wgpeters on March 25, 2020, 08:49:12 PM
KaileenS: It doesn't matter what the voltage is as long as its between 10 and 20.  The process needs at least 10 to make the highest quality silver, and the generator needs less than 20 to insure the constant current circuit is within its control range.

Yes, you do not have to microwave the colloidal silver.  Heat makes it go faster, but heat is heat.  Personally, I do not heat mine.  I just let it sit and it takes longer, but thats ok.  Processing time remains the same (electrolysis time).  I would say that if you are going to ship it somewhere or store it long term, it would be best to boil it before bottling to kill off any critters that are not silver sensitive.

No need for dark glass.  Only ionic silver has to be in dark brown glass, otherwise the light will reduce it.  Colloidal silver is not sensitive to light.  The only concern is the small amount of sugar in the solution, that could mold.

Yes, I designed and built your unit as with all SilverTrons.  I also started this forum in 2008.  Luckily, I had cfnisbet to pass the forum onto when it became too much of a drain on me.

My health has not changed.  I am still unable to leave my home and go anywhere.  My descending colon is still rock hard and swelled up, and I have constant bathroom trips because of it. (That is why I can't leave).
I have had cipro, flagyl, augmentin, colloidal silver, colloidal gold, 5-aminosalacylic acid (Mesalazine), prednisone, chaga extract, ginseng, Ultra Inflamx 360 (, and zinlori.  All to no avail :(  I have exhausted my things to try.

I'm glad I could clear up your SilverTron problems for you.

Title: Re: Voltage Questions with Silvertron Jr. -- HELP PLEASE!!
Post by: KaileenS on March 26, 2020, 03:37:08 PM
Dear Bill:  it seems that you have used lots of bacterial agents trying to get your colon normalized.  While an overgrowth of bad bacteria might certainly have been the genesis of your troubles, I wonder if you are now experiencing the natural side effect of having nuked your gut population (good AND bad)?  You can get diarrhea from antibiotics, as the gut microbiome is crucial to the proper function of your colon.  I know you have had many consults with highly credentialed professionals, but as an advocate of natural health with no fancy letters behind her name, have you considered replenishing your gut bacteria in a natural way, and seeing if that doesn't help your situation?
      As I have read on the effects of taking antibiotics, many experts feel that it takes a LONG time after their use to recover healthy gut flora (if ever!!).  I haven't experienced a lot of clearly beneficial response from "probiotic" PILLS, although some definitely work better than others, but I have had great results with using homemade REAL kefir, and fermented vegetables.  Especially kefir is powerful at repopulating your gut flora after having used antibiotics. What you get in the stores is not REAL kefir -- it has only a very limited number of gut bacteria types/good yeasts, etc.  When you use actual kefir grains, which are symbiotic communities of over 30 different beneficial bacteria and yeasts that actually populate your gut, rather than just passing through, you get kefir that is rich in all those elements that nurture your gut.  Are you reactive in a negative way to dairy products?  If not, milk kefir is VERY easy to produce, and when made into a smoothy, is very palatable as well, and effective medicine for gut troubles. 
     You can order some kefir grains online, and then the only trouble is keeping them fed and alive, as they are living, and need constant care.  I am 63, and as I have gotten older, I have finally decided that my good health is worth the effort to babysit the grains, lol!  The Metagenix products you used are basically foods, or absorption aids, and didn't seem to address the gut biome issue that I suspect may be at the root of your issue. 
     I hope I am not offending you by offering unsolicited advice, but you have done so much for so many of us with your Colloidal Silver work, that I felt obliged to offer what help I could!!  In my reading about Colloidal Silver, there seems to be some disagreement regarding whether Colloidal Silver damages good gut bacteria.  It may not, based upon some writings, but it may if taken in large quantities internally for a long time.  Thus, many of the things that you have done trying to address your colon issue may actually have worsened your condition!!
     Perhaps focusing on your gut biome in a supportive way, and focusing on your emotional/mind/body connection may be the next logical areas to explore to restore your energy and health.  The mind is a powerful causative factor as well...has your stress level increased before all of this happened with your health?  I have used EFT for years with great success, and am now learning about the Healing Codes (a christian-based type of energy medicine).  I will pray for you!!  Thanks for your response, again!!  Especially in the pain and stress you are experiencing, you are amazing to keep serving others in the way that you do!!  If you would like, I can send you links on EFT, which my husband and I have had some amazing experiences with regarding physical issues, and it is free and there are TONS of resources for it available free on the net. 


PS I LOVE the Silvertron unit you designed -- it is elegant and works beautifully!  I had another silver generator in the distant past that looked like an 8th graders science project, lol!  You deserve all the kudos and appreciation we can give you!!
Title: Re: Voltage Questions with Silvertron Jr. -- HELP PLEASE!!
Post by: wgpeters on March 26, 2020, 04:10:20 PM

Thank you for your thoughts.

I have the full set of EFT training discs in EFT so I am aware of it and have used it for other people. 
Also I have been taking probiotics regularly but like you say, they might not be that beneficial.  I'll look into the Kefir. 

I'm glad you like your ST Jr.   I wish I had saved one for myself :)

Title: Re: Voltage Questions with Silvertron Jr. -- HELP PLEASE!!
Post by: 2Spirited4U on June 08, 2020, 07:52:45 PM
Please, please, please get on the KETOGENIC diet yesterday! It does reduce/reverse fatty liver and improve gut problems, etc., and kefir is part of the solution. “Eat Rich Live Long”, by Ivor Cummins and Jeffry Gerber MD, is a well written and scientifically supported tome on the subject. Both authors can be found on YouTube. I also recommend David Perlmutter’s website, YouTube videos and books. He is a neurologist who uses the diet for Parkinson’s, ALS, and other ‘non-treatable’ (by the unhealthcare system) diseases. The diet also helps with depression!

I wanted to order a Silvertron but finally saw these posts. You can get your energy and health back and make me a generator :) !

This was meant for wgpeters...