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Forum reliability issues in recent days


Sorry about the website going down for a couple of days. This was caused by a server upgrade by the hosting company and the IT expert has fixed this in conjunction with the hosting company. The forum should be good to run now for the foreseeable future.

Anyone who would like my email address should make a note of my username and add to the end.

The recent issue with the forum was caused by a routine security update which took longer than expected.

No issues are expected now that the update is finished. The update required all hosted fora on the hosting domain to be temporarily brought down; apologies for any inconvenience.

Sorry about the recent outage. An update was required and slight fettling of the database.

The forum went down again last night, related to the pressure on the internet servers. It was mainly due to the number of people attempting to get onto the server upon which our forum is hosted.

I am assured that the problem has been resolved, and the tech admin has also checked things this morning. Apologies to everyone for the recent difficulties.


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