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This site does not specifically need a cookie policy as we collect no user information. We take the Forum Users privacy very seriously and do not collect any information about people, nor do we sell user lists, spam anyone, or deny free speech. As long as users are civil towards each other and make no baseless accusations against individuals (institutions are, on the whole, fair game, especially Big Pharma), then we allow complete diversity of thought. This freedom of thought is the only way we will learn to break free of the self-imposed mindset that prevents us discovering new things.

The temporary cookies which may be found on users' machines are only there to allow you to re-enter the Forum where you left off, allow your computer to retain your usernames and passwords and similar tasks. We have no interest in retaining information and don't use it for any other purpose or at any time. Please direct all queries to cfnisbet(at)



This website is highly pro-Brexit. We're Anti-Vaxxers, Pro-Alternative Therapies, Internationalists, we're Pro First-, Second- and Fourth-Amendments and we particularly welcome our buddies in the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, or any other country with a large number of freedom-loving people; we just think that life should be a collection of friends, not slaves talking to each other through the bars of a gulag.

Now that we're out of the EU(SSR), the GDPR regulations have been brought into British Law (typical politicians couldn't just dump the lot...) but we only need to conform to the information in the link below. We will do this and respond to any requests in a timely manner, unlike the UK authorities, who do their best to be obstructive.


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