Author Topic: Visualization of interaction between inorganic nanoparticles and bacteria  (Read 415 times)

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This study done and published in the Journal of Nano Medicine which Kephra posted a link to was and interesting read and the main reason why silver nano-particles are deadly to bacteria. But I think this is the study which also showed why Gold nano-clusters could be used to encapsulate cancer kill drugs inside its matrix.  I guess gold snuggles up against some of these cancer cells and when close enough the drug migrates to the cell.  A bit different than what silver is doing as a result of its electrical zeta potential charge.  It strikes me as funny that when they do these studies looking for something else, silver is often staring right back at them with another better option.  Hence the "forest through the tree's" metaphor he used.

Thanks for posting that link.  Good information.
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