Author Topic: Anyone selling colloidal gold tablets? Want to do 30mg/day  (Read 1520 times)

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Re: Anyone selling colloidal gold tablets? Want to do 30mg/day
« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2020, 09:35:04 PM »
The atomic weight of gold is 


The atomic weight of chlorine is


Gold chloride exists as au2cl6.

( 2 * 196.966543 ) / ((2 * 196.966543) + (6 * 35.543)) = 0.64936

This means that only 64.936% of the weight of gold chloride is gold meaning if you have a normal 1% gold chloride solution, its not 1% gold and instead just shy of 0.65% gold. You need about 1.54 times as much as with the 1% gold content, gold chloride solution from salt lake minerals!

So, with the salt lake minerals 1% gold content gold chloride solution, to get to 900mg of gold you'd need 90ml, with a 1% gold chloride solution containing just shy of 65% gold, to get to 900mg gold you'd need 138.6ml of the lesser gold content gold chloride solution.

Someone check my calculations, please?

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Re: Anyone selling colloidal gold tablets? Want to do 30mg/day
« Reply #16 on: July 29, 2020, 10:50:34 AM »
When I wrote I want to use 30mg/day, I hadn't decided whether I want to use 30 of pure gold atoms per day. Does  the definition of "colloidal gold" include only pure gold molecules? Because I'm looking to try 30mg of "colloidal gold" per day, but I don't know whether "colloidal gold" includes anything else other than gold atoms.

Anyway, I already placed the order for 100mL 1% gold chloride solution, so if the actual gold amount is lower, that's ok.

So now I'm looking for an idiot proof guide. Link shared from another thread:

I was told to check 2 last methods, e.g last one:
40 ppm Colloidal Gold, chemical reduction -- Karo Corn Syrup /  Washing Soda
250ml cold distilled water
10 drops 1 molar sodium carbonate solution
10 drops Karo corn syrup diluted 50%
1 ml Gold Chloride containing 10 mg gold (Available from
Heat about 2 minutes in microwave or until it starts to boil or ruby color develops.
Allow to cool.

1. How to prepare "1 molar sodium carbonate solution"? I see a local vendor selling "sodium carbonate" 1kg 2€. How do I make it 1 molar? How many ml are 10 drops?
2. karo corn syrup also sold by a local vendor. To dilute it to 50%, do I mix e.g. 50ml of karo corn syrup with 50ml of distilled water? How many ml are 10 drops?
3. Could stir be done with teaspoon? How long to stir?
4. Heat in microwave at what temperature?
5. Can all of this chemical mixing and heating be done in a typical kitchen ceramic cup?