Author Topic: Making Colloidal Gold by electrolysis  (Read 41 times)

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Making Colloidal Gold by electrolysis
« on: May 08, 2021, 10:42:30 PM »
I wanted to start making CGold but did not want to go the chemical method.  Since making CSilver is a straight forward no chemicals, electrical electrolysis process, I figured CGold could be made the same way..... IT WORKS and no chemicals.  Just pure gold and distilled water with NOTHING else added.  (you can speed things up a bit making both Colloidal Silver and CG by putting a couple of ozs of your previous batch into the new batch.  That small amount let the process start much faster.... again without adding chemicals.

I have been making colloidal silver for years first with the 3-9v battery setup and now I am using a 0-40 VDC power supply set to 35VDC.

This process makes beautiful clear red Colloidal Gold right in the quart jar. (exactly like making CSilver)  Just remember like Colloidal Silver the full color normally takes a day until the solution reached its final color.

Couple of differences.  I takes about 12-18 hours or so to make a quart of CG.  It is just a much slower process.  You need to heat the distilled water and KEEP it hot.  I use a small hot plate on Med.  Works fine.

I could not find gold rods anywhere so I just use a pure gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin as my gold source and a piece of #12 copper wire as my negative.  I noticed the gold was "tarnishing" after a few batches so with some polish it looks almost like brand new so no damage to the Maple Leaf. 

Again this is PURE colloidal gold using no chemicals in the process.  (Have pictures but to big to post- sorry)

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Re: Making Colloidal Gold by electrolysis
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2021, 12:14:36 AM »
I tried this years ago and it didn't work in any reasonable time.  I even tried much higher voltage (150 volts). 

I'm too old to wait 18 hours for an unknown strength of CG.  I don't even buy green bananas.

Whats wrong with making it with food?  That's what we do with the electrolysis process. 

I can make a quart in 7 minutes, and know the ppm exactly using gold chloride, maltodextrin and sodium carbonate.  The chloride is removed, maltodextrin is food, and sodium carbonate is a common food additive which I'm sure you have consumed many times.  This is the fastest and most accurate method.

Show us the pictures.

Just remember like Colloidal Silver the full color normally takes a day until the solution reached its final color.
Not if you make it right.
Colloidal Silver is only a bargain if you make it yourself.