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Title: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: pirepol on July 30, 2020, 12:52:25 PM
Hey guys,

I'm very eager to try this thing, I already placed the order for 100mL 1% gold chloride solution (not from salt lake minerals, but a local vendor in europe).

So now I'm looking for an idiot proof guide. Link shared from another thread:

I was told to check 2 last methods, e.g last one:

40 ppm Colloidal Gold, chemical reduction -- Karo Corn Syrup /  Washing Soda
250ml cold distilled water
10 drops 1 molar sodium carbonate solution
10 drops Karo corn syrup diluted 50%
1 ml Gold Chloride containing 10 mg gold (Available from
Heat about 2 minutes in microwave or until it starts to boil or ruby color develops.
Allow to cool.

1. How to prepare "1 molar sodium carbonate solution"? I see a local vendor selling "sodium carbonate" 1kg 2€. How do I make it 1 molar? How many ml are 10 drops?
2. karo corn syrup also sold by a local vendor. To dilute it to 50%, do I mix e.g. 50ml of karo corn syrup with 50ml of distilled water? How many ml are 10 drops?
3. Could stir be done with teaspoon? How long to stir?
4. Heat in microwave at what temperature?
5. Can all of this chemical mixing and heating be done in a typical kitchen ceramic cup?
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: pirepol on July 31, 2020, 09:47:20 AM
1% gold chloride arrived. Eager to try.

Is it possible to heat on a kitchen stove instead of using a microwave (don't have one, but I can acquire if needed)? Do I need to stop heating as soon as boiling starts?
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: pirepol on July 31, 2020, 06:24:02 PM
Like someone in my previous thread implied (, if my "1% gold chloride solution" (vendor in croatia) contains only 64.9% of gold (else is chloride), which means that my "1% gold chloride solution" contains only 0.649% gold, would the same recipe work?

I was planning to do 30mg/30 days, but looks like I'll have to reduce the dosage - doesn't matter at all for the beginning, I just need to know whether there is any effect on me from this substance. If there is any, I can prepare as much as needed for the next iteration.

EDIT: maybe instead of 1ml as said in the recipe, I should just use 1.54ml (1/0.649), which would make the gold amount the same? Or not?
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: cfnisbet on August 01, 2020, 08:04:58 AM
Yes, you just have to increase the dose to obtain the correct amount of gold. It is milligrams of gold that count, not the strength of the gold chloride.
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: pirepol on August 01, 2020, 02:58:36 PM
Looks like I did it, here was my process:

1. took a small metal pot (main pot), added 250ml distilled water
2. took a small plastic cup, added distilled water 80ml, 8.416g sodium carbonate, mixed with a metal knife until I didn't see any white powder anymore
3. added 10 drops of a liquid made in #2 = 0.5ml ( to the main pot
4. took another small plastic cup, added 20ml karo corn syrup, 20ml distilled water, mixed with a metal knife
5. added 10 drops = 0.5ml of a liquid made in #4 to the main pot
6. added 1.54ml 1% gold chloride solution (local vendor, not salt lake minerals) to the main pot
7. stirred for a few minutes with a metallic end of a syringe (didn’t want to use the same knife, don’t know if any gold chloride will stick to it after washing it and whether that will be toxic somehow).
8. At the very beginning of stirring, I did see some shades of ruby color at the bottom of the pot, but that quickly faded away as I mixed. The water obtained overall a sort of a dark blue color
9. Put the main pot on an electric stove, set heating to max.
10. Waited until boiling started
11. Set the heating to zero
12. Allowing to cool down. Liquid turned to a ruby color after few minutes!

I was planning 30mg/day but I think at the beginning I should start with a lower amount. Thinking a few teaspoons of this liquid to see whether I don't die and then half of this liquid (5mg gold). Anyway, is it safe to drink all this liquid with 10mg gold all at once, or do I drink it distributed during the day?

If I was to make 3 of these (to reach 30mg of gold), can I just triple the weights, volumes and do it in a single process or do I have to repeat it 3 times for any reason?

How long to wait during cool down process? Eager to try.

EDIT: drank all, didn't die
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: gold purifier on August 22, 2020, 03:48:54 PM
I would like to know why, the experts do not respond with the necessary guidance after all, this should be the purpose of the forum. Nobody gives any opinion on the subject and that is disheartening.
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: SaltyCornflakes on August 22, 2020, 04:33:44 PM
The forum hosts a wealth of information and you will find most questions already answered. Threads like these suggest people prefer having info fed to them rather than doing a bit of research. I get it, we were all new to this once. But have some consideration for the experts. And do the leg work.
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: Gene on August 23, 2020, 02:39:32 AM
I don't have a clue WHAT you're talking about regarding the experts not chiming in. cfnisbet did a couple days after the initial post. He's the Administrator but also an expert.

Guidance? Read all the numbered articles, search around the forum as pretty much every question thats being asked today has already been answered in the past and then if you can't find the answer or you simply can't get your head around it if you do, ask a question.

You learn nothing by having people spoon feeding you. You have to do your homework and do your own research first. Gee, just like school.
Title: Re: Urgent request: idiot proof guide
Post by: nix2p on August 23, 2020, 03:08:09 AM
@ gold purifier:

Welcome aboard.

I recall when I got my citizenship, I had to learn and do lots of reading, to understand
requirements in order to obtain citizenship.

Then when I got my driver license, I had to go though the same routine... I think you got the point.

... So for us to respond to questions, (questions are formed, once the material is read), folks that are new to this endeavor, need to read articles that are already posted by no one else but the MASTER - Kephra... and we all went through the same routine.

If you have a question or need to solve a problem, please post it.