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Yes, you can process cold. You can use glucose or maltose instead of corn syrup.
Hello everyone.

I'm quite new to making Colloidal Silver.

I Now have a glass container with 2.5 liters of distilled water on a magnetic stirrer I made with a pc fan and neodymium magnets.

I have two silver rods connected to a DC power supply. Set to 2ma. I followed the instructions on this forum and I was wondering about the upcoming procedures of turning the ionic solution to true colloidal.

Good sir stated that the solution must be heated after adding the corn syrup. Is this absolutely necessary? I do have a heating plate for pans but that's not usable with the stirrer at the same time. Could I not just add the reducing agent while it's cold and wait?

Also I'm using a 1:1 water honey mixture as I do not have access to corn syrup in the land where I live. Does this make any big difference? I do have access to grapeseed extract tablets however I could not find. The dosing for that.
   I always track the temp with 2 glass thermometers (1 F and 1 C).  150F - 175F and 80C - 85C.  But I am OCD and this is unnecessary. 

   As Kephra has told me a few times over the years, “Don’t complicate the process”!  You gotta listen to the big guy.  He is the master when it comes to colloidal silver or colloidal gold for that matter!

  Getting in late to this thread but my 320ppm gel capped in a quart jar is dark red/brown as Gene has described.  It takes a very powerful light to shine through the colloidal silver.  It is very clear also.  When reduced to 20ppm it has no turbidity at all!

Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal Silver Color Samples
« Last post by Josie29 on September 14, 2020, 10:30:40 PM »
I am glad to hear that you have had such success with Vitamin C.

I had shingles and treated it at the outset with Colloidal Silver (internally and sprayed on the rash). It was gone within 3 days. I continued the protocol for a full 10 to 14 days (don't recall - long ago).

Perhaps Colloidal Silver would get rid of your shingles for good??
Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal Silver Color Samples
« Last post by Search4Truth on September 13, 2020, 08:20:29 PM »
I know that 20ppm mixed with Aloe Vera gel worked wonders on my Shingles Rash.
Along with drinking Gel capped 20ppm and high dose Vitamin C, then applying the gel
3 times per day, the rash never got to the painful blister stage.  It is down to about 4%
visible now.

I've even been using the gel on my funky big toe nails to kill the fungus issue.  I work
it in with an old toothbrush and it is working great.  I'd take pictures, but who the hell
wants to see that!?

I saw your post about Shingles and wanted to share my success. I "titrate to bowel tolence" with Sodium Ascorbate. It doesn't cure Shingles but for me it completely suppresses the symptoms. I drink 3 grams a day of powder dissolved in water. Every time I have stopped taking Vitamin C the Shingles sores returned. But they immediately start to heal after I resume my daily Vitamin C.

Good luck. S4T.
Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide
« Last post by Gene on September 13, 2020, 06:45:41 PM »
Well, hydrogen peroxide does have its use.  You do build up a little silver deposit on the inside of your container over time and that works like a third electrode and screws things up.

To fix this, wash the jar out with soap and water and rinse a couple times (tap water is fine). Then dump in maybe an ounce of hydrogen peroxide (just so its said, by itself - no added water), cap, shake for a couple minutes and dump out.  It will remove ALL the silver deposits.

Now, rinse with tap water again 2-3 times to make sure you get all the hydrogen peroxide out, then rinse twice with a little distilled (add an ounce or two, cap and shake and dump) to get all the tap water out.  You'll be fine.

I do this once every maybe 10 batches as a matter of course.

As far as getting hydrogen peroxide (ANY amount) in contact with colloidal silver, yeah, what cfnisbet said (wink).  Even at 3% its a powerful oxidizer you don't want near Colloidal Silver.
Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide
« Last post by cfnisbet on September 13, 2020, 12:04:29 PM »
Hydrogen Peroxide destroys Colloidal Silver. Don't use it anywhere near Colloidal Silver.
Colloidal Silver Production / Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide
« Last post by Toenail on September 13, 2020, 02:13:49 AM »
Today I made a 2 liter batch of colloidal silver and when I poured into my storage containers I had about 1 pint that didn't fit into the prepared jars.  I ended up pouring it into a jar that I had rinsed with hydrogen peroxide.  Since I was not going to keep it I just poured it into that jar.  It was a 10ppm silver and was gelatin capped and had a nice color.  About an hour later when I was cleaning up I noticed the Colloidal Silver I poured into the spare bottle was clear.  No sign of the original color when I poured it in.  The other Colloidal Silver from the batch looked great. 

I don't think there was much hydrogen peroxide in the other container but it had not been rinsed since it had hydrogen peroxide in it.  I usually rinse my used continers in hydrogen peroxide and follow with distilled water rinse.  Could this cause a problem?  What happened to the color? What did I have at that point?

Thanks again for all the help I have received from this site.
Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Black color after adding some white table salt
« Last post by axkman on September 12, 2020, 11:36:22 PM »
Thank for your replies!
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