Author Topic: Making Sodium Carbonate from Baking Soda  (Read 4196 times)

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Making Sodium Carbonate from Baking Soda
« on: November 11, 2014, 10:05:07 PM »
Bake the baking soda in a 375F degree oven for at least 30 minutes.
Alternately put the baking soda in a non-aluminum saucepan and heat on high until no steam bubbles appear and a cold lid placed on the pan shows no signs of condensation. Heat an additional 10 minutes to insure complete conversion.

This will make anhydrous sodium carbonate with a molecular weight of 106 grams per mole.  So to make a 1 Molar solution with this sodium carbonate, use 10.6 grams with enough water to make 100 ml.

This washing soda weighs 6.9 grams per level tablespoon, so to make 1 Molar sodium carbonate solution, add enough distilled water to 1 level teaspoon to make 4 ounces of liquid.  This is close enough if you have no graduated cylinder and scale. 

As volumetric measurements are inherently inaccurate, weighing is best.
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