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Review of my SilverTron Elite V2
« on: February 09, 2016, 10:02:17 PM »
Review of my SilverTron Elite V2
Designed & Produced by William Peters

I have had my Elite II now for “just” 4 days — and made 4 good batches 500ml of 20 PPM colloidal silver (I'll make a 5th later on in this 4th day -- it is "early here).

Do you know how much that might have cost to purchase had I been able to actually trust to find some legitimate product at a store or on the internet?? — anywhere from about $30 - $60 each time — or about $120 - $240 -- for what has cost me (in ingredients) 1 gallon of distilled water for about $.92 (our local price) and a few common chemicals that could not have amounted to more than $5 of an investment (and those chemicals will last me for many MANY more batches of colloidal silver I will be able to make before needing to mix them again!).

For pennies each time (versus $30 - $60 dollars I’d have to spend to buy commercially), I make my own colloidal silver.
I KNOW what the ingredients are since I do it myself, I don’t have to worry about whether the product I might buy (and consume) from a third party source is authentic, and I know mine is absolutely right (PPM -- density) because this Elite II machine accurately calculates to give me exactly what I wanted and asked for!

Even my very first batch came out viable and usable, and with just a few tweaks --  I “have it down” as a “recipe” for the 500ml 20 PPM batch I have been making over and over.

There are of course other options of sizes and density (PPM) of the batches you can make.
The Elite II machine does not set limits on you, it can make just about anything you would need or want to generate for consumer use.
It has “water” volume options from 1 cup to 4 Liters (which is 1.05 US gallons). I found I like to make 500ml as that is very usable when you are actively in need of it, and it works well with my wide mouth 32 oz. Mason jar — however, since properly made colloidal silver is stable when kept in a closed container in normal temperature — one can keep any leftover for months and probably years and still use it when needed.

Not that you won’t find uses for your colloidal silver — and may folks will prepare a couple of containers ahead of time to have handy for when needed during a sickness or when one feels something pulling them down illness wise.

So, volume amount wise, the Elite machine doesn’t limit you with “just one or two choices” of how much quantity (but gives you a wide range!), and THEN it extends that same type of flexibility into the concentration of solution choices of what you can generate.

Most of us would use 20PPM in our daily applications, but the Elite has options also for 30, 40, 80 ,100 ,160, 240 & 320 PPM.

Folks that want to concentrate their solutions (to save on space, or say when traveling and want to take with, etc.) this is a good option to be able to generate concentrations higher than the typical 20PPM.  The typical user may not have the ability to make higher concentrations without investing in a heated stirring plate -- some folks do get by without more equipment -- but for typical use that is not a barrier as we don't particularly need higher PPM. And a regular stirring plate may be a really good idea even for those of us doing 20PPM -- I opted to get a "homemade stirring plate" and I feel it was a good investment -- I can make my runs and have hardly any (usually no) sediments in my solution once done -- attributable in part to the stirrer, and in part to the excellent instructions on how to make it from the site!  Just a heads up -- the Elite V2, and a stirring plate may be a marriage made in heaven.

The SilverTron Elite V2 also is flexible in that it gives you the options of Ma you may want to send thru your electrodes.
That means you can use or experiment with various sizes of electrodes (and use those to their optimum) by being able to adjust the strength of voltage sent into them.

All this flexibility means you can tweak, experiment, or follow many other “recipes” to your heart’s content, you are in no way restricted or held down.

It can sound overwhelming, but even tho the machine is capable of adjusting for even the most advanced needs of advanced users — it is also just as comfortable performing basic everyday tasks for those of us who just want consistent quality “regular use” colloidal silver. For most of us, we just set the controls and use the same settings from session to session — because, as you might suspect, the creator of this machine has also provided that the Elite II “remembers” your last settings automatically.

Simplicity (with the complexity hidden for if or when you need it) is the hallmark of this machine.

It does the calculations under the hood, and shows you the calibrations on its screen — so you need not invest in several sets of digital multimeters and run all those wires (besides those for your electrodes) back and forth (if you even bothered to!) — it is all taken care of by this Elite II — but with only 2 wires instead of 6 you might need with other set ups, and it is all shown on its built in screen — and you can choose to pay attention and think about all the data shown to you or not!

Also, whereas with other set ups (if you even really knew how to calculate it), this machine does the calculations, inside with its proprietary software for you…

…The Elite II knows — by the settings you choose, then by reading the electrodes — how much PPM you are REALLY producing… and it will stop the process for you automatically when you get to the point you wanted (and set it for).  Pretty much a no brainer — it drives the whole process by itself, reducing mishaps, saving you time and money from wasted atempts.

For typical 20PPM runs, you set the machine, do one small adjustment to your anode (negative electrode) — match the adjustment easily to the voltage shown for you on the screen, then you go about your other chores without need to have to keep checking or making any further adjustments.
The Silvertron Elite II machine does what a machine should — it takes over the tedious adjustments and calibrations for you, and all you do is wait.

When it is done — again, the designer has thought about your needs — he provides an easy to hear alert that sounds from the device when it is finished with the task.

As you’d likely expect by now, it has OPTIONS so that if you don’t want to be notified, the sound can be turned completely off, or you can elect to have an extended length sound to call your attention.

No matter what alert sound (or none that you choose) — the machine will reset itself and turn off the power to the electrodes when the process is done.

Advanced users know that sometimes a session for big PPMs can need you to pay some attention to the electrodes, or in other cases, you may need to leave and don’t want to leave the machine going, or perhaps you suffer a power outage situation?
The machine is ready for all these situations — it will “remember” where it last was if there is a power interruption, and you can continue on without need to throw out your work and start all over again. When you need to interrupt a session for whatever reason — you can press a “suspend” option — and the machine will stop and wait for you, but also retain all its calculations; when you are ready to proceed — your press the “continue” option, and all your data continues to be calculated without the need to start all over again or loose the work you had in progress.

The machine comes with all the basics you need — one wire that fits the side of the unit that outputs to the two leads of your electrodes, color coded, so you know which goes to your negative and which to your positive. Also provided is a 9Volt (center positive) transformer that the designer has personally checked for accuracy prior to shipping to you — as not all power transformers are sending the current they are rated for, another “service” included on your behalf because that’s the type of service he would want if he were buying it from you!

Also, comes with a two grooved plastic mason jar top, two grooves so one will fit a standard and the other groove the wide mouth top jars.

You can start with a small 16. oz. mason jar to make just a cup, or you can get a 32 ounce jar to make 500ml or 1 QuartM (one quart mason). Notice the attention to detail — did you know that a Mason Quart was different from a standard measure quart — the designer knew, and puts that option into the Elite’s settings to make your Colloidal Silver the best it can be using typical containers most folks at home would be using! [Note that if you have a 32 ounce Mason Jar, you can’t get the electrodes low enough to make a one cup batch, you would need a smaller Mason jar (not as tall) to do a one cup batch for the electrodes to go down into the solution.)

This grooved mason jar top sits very snugly and has small holes already drilled and spaced correctly to position your electrodes into the solution, as well as a center hole just large enough to facilitate letting you drop additives into your solution (which most folks will do according to their “recipes” to help the process along).

The machine itself is nicely sized but not so bulky you can’t hold it and carry it in your hand.
It will fit nicely into a quart sized zip lock baggie — and myself — I keep mine wrapped in a little bubble wrapped covering and then inside a larger plastic shoebox for safekeeping in between uses. The plastic shoebox holds my power transformer, my power leads, and has room for more. One person on the cgcsforum says they keep their SilverTron in a fire safe between uses — and once you experience this device, you’ll understand why we baby and protect our devices — it is just that good of a machine you want it to last and keep it safe!

Besides being a good size to hold and to be able to “protect” with easy around the house materials — the machine itself is not a whimp — it’s encased in a thick sturdy plastic cover that is shut tight to keep its electronics inside protected. There is nothing cheap about this machine, it is done right. And as pointed out in the description — this machine sits independent of the electrodes — you don’t need to put the machine on top of a bottle that is sending out moisture (wouldn’t that be counter productive to keeping your electronics safe?) — the leads between the SilverTron Elite to your solution are long enough you can place your SilverTron out of the way of the solution container and any emitted heat and vapors — another superior design.

How to make colloidal silver correctly is achieved with this machine and just a few basic set up instructions — which you can get by reading the material from many happy users at the website.

There is also a quick mini manual included with your machine.

While you wait for your machine to arrive in the mail, get your materials ready — then when the machine arrives, you should have your first batch of colloidal silver (if doing say a cup or 250ml with a 16 oz. Mason jar; or 2 cups or 500ml with a 32 oz. Mason jar) in about an hour or hour and a half of getting the machine.

If you have everything already prepared ahead, it takes just about 10 minutes to get that 500ml (about 2 cups) of colloidal silver out and ready for you! With no fuss, just setting three options, making one anode adjustment which looking at the Volt line on the screen — and then letting the machine do the work!

Yep — normally, it takes about 10 minutes, maybe 15 to get your things ready and do the whole process — to do a 500ml run!

Once you have plugged in your electrode leads, attached the leads to your electrodes running thru the grooved mason jar top, all you need is to have the basic knowledge of what to do, engage the power to the other port on the side of the machine, press the touch screen and make MA, Water Amount, and PPM choices — then press START.  After start, the machine will show you readings on the screen, and you adjust the anode up or down to get the Voltage within correct range, and then that’s it, you can sit and watch (assuming you are doing like a 500ml run that will take about 10 minutes, or you can go away and wait for the beep (if you set it to beep). It’s really that simple.

You’ll find a lot of information out there, and a lot of different machines — but you won’t find a forum with folks that actually use this equipment and will gladly vouche for it — and go to lengths to want to share this with other folks, except this one place on the www — at the site which has all the information or at the site to actually purchase a unit

You can find replacement wires, replacement electrodes, replacement mason jar tops, replacement electrode leads, and even a battery pack so you can take your Silvertron Elite II away from home and use batteries.

This Elite V2 machine is truly, flexible, well thought out and engineered — and then shared at an affordable price for everyone to be able to generate actual Colloidal Silver, frugal to make yourself, and viable to use, keep on hand and store.

The guy that makes and provides this equipment and the resources for all us regular folks is to be highly commended — so don’t forget to go visit the forum, sign up and say high to Bill Peters first chance you get — you’ll be glad you found this set of engaged folks when you do.

And you could be thrilled like I was you get your hands on one of these great machines and make your own inexpensive Colloidal Silver at home fresh when you need it!

Thanks for reading,
Mike in Honaunau Hawaii
IslandMike on the cgcsform
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Re: Review of my SilverTron Elite V2
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2017, 03:22:52 PM »

Great review! I am purchasing the Elite V2 after reading it.  You had mentioned that you opted to get a "homemade stirring plate".  Where did you purchase that or how did you make it? 

Thanks again!

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Re: Review of my SilverTron Elite V2
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2017, 12:55:34 AM »
Sorry, did not notice this question earlier...

I actually ended up not using my non-heated stirrer for very long -- it was too limiting. So if I had to do it over I would not go that cheap route. It is just much easier -- as far as time and saving using distilled water -- to make the strengths that need a heated stirring plate.

I learned how to do the lower PPMs but don't run them and haven't for a long stretch of time, but did document them for if I ever should want to.

I like making 80PPM -- and the way I make it (using gelatin to cap) does not require any long cooling off period -- this makes a good 2 quarts (a bit over) that is perfect for our household (and keeps well if nothing needs it for a while).

The heated stirring plate I went with I'd do it again if I were starting out, just as I'd purchase the Silvertrone Elite again if I were just starting out. These have been in constant weekly use for over a year and work perfectly as good as the day they were brand new!

I only have one recommendation, based on the fact that many of the cheap imports simply do not hold up over time and they look like a clumsy box with holes drilled in them. Folks still buy them and baby them so they don't burn out — that's really trying to ignore that you know the dam will break and flood. Buy the right thing and enjoy it fully seems to me to be much more healthy than having to make due and worry so much.

From where I am sitting, we have already been given a great discount on the knowledge (it is free), we've been given a great colloidal silver generator that could be priced 3 times higher — so.. investing in some excellent complimentary equipment like this heated stir plate seems very reasonable. Sort of like you buy a nice house and then refuse to EVER put furniture in it or EVER water the lawn — why did you move in at all?
One thing about spending lots of time chasing alternative equipment or cheap equipment counterparts — is you leave yourself open to not having the ability to use these resources NOW if you should need them. When you get a wound, when you get the flu, you want your lessons about how to make the stuff learned, your equipment in place and ingredients ready.

The heated stir plate product is the Scilogex MS-H280-Pro.

You don't really need the temperature probe, and it can't be used during electrolysis anyway (it would short).
They make a glass covered probe, but I think it is $125 — and you'd probably not use it...
They also sell a metal clamp device to hold your temperature probe, to me it's not worth it, I can use the probe without (fits nicely into the middle of the "Mason" jar top we get with the generator!)... ...Once you have measured your temps and gotten your "recipes" determined, constant monitoring of temps is not needed. I have the temperature probe that fits this Scilogex, but for all the plugging it in and cleaning it and taking care of it between uses, I actually prefer a pocket thermometer, it is quick and easy and fast to clean and take care of.
After I got the recipes determined, I don't feel any need to go back and check temperatures all the time. Maybe if your inside temps varied drastically this might be something you'd find more useful?

I have "recipes" (involving temp settings, dtirring rotation settings, etc.) for making Colloidal Silver at various PPMs and Colloidal Silver cremes -- based on the Silvertron Elite and the Scilogex MS-H280-Pro if you might find those useful, let me know.

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Re: Review of my SilverTron Elite V2
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2017, 09:01:28 AM »

  I for one would love to see you recipes.  Feel free to email me or leave it here.  I'm one who believes you can never have to much information.

Thanks for sharing, Bobby
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Re: Review of my SilverTron Elite V2
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2017, 12:56:45 AM »
I second the motion. We always want to see what others do. It might just modify what we do.
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