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Re: Colloidal Silver Color Samples
« Reply #150 on: November 14, 2020, 11:31:11 PM »
Higher PPM/Lower Desired PPM = factor

320/20 = 16

So, for each part of 320PPM you have to add 15 parts of DW to get to 20PPM at 16x the amount of 320PPM you started with.

1oz 320PPM + 15oz DW = 16oz 20PPM

To go the other way where you know how much 20PPM you want and need to figure out how much 320PPM to add to how much DW, again, the factor is 16. This means that the 320PPM is 1 part out of 16 which means to 1 part of 320PPM you need to add 15 parts water so the total is 16 parts.


320/20 = 16

Lets say you want 8oz of 20PPM.

8oz/16 = 0.5oz (the 1 part)
0.5oz 320PPM (1 part) + 15 *0.5oz (7.5oz) DW (the 15 parts) yields 8oz of 20PPM

Here just put 0.5oz in a measuring cup and top off to 8oz volume with DW.

And the 8oz example above would be 1 US measuring tablespoon of 320PPM Colloidal Silver because a US measuring tablespoon is 0.5oz volume.

The above works for any PPM to any other PPM as long as you're going to a lower PPM (that should be obvious but...).