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Members and Non-Members.....see what you're missing!


Wow! :o I had never signed out of the CGCS Forum until very recently so I have never seen what non-members see when they come on the forum as I signed on when I first got here.  To put it simply, they are only seeing the bare bones minimum compared to what members see! Once you've seen both, there really is no comparison at all. If I had to guess, I would say that non-members are only seeing about one fourth of what members have access to. There is so much useful information on this forum and nonmembers never even get a chance to see a fraction of it. If you made it far enough to find this forum in the first place, you will be doing yourself a big favor by taking the extra step of  joining the forum and then have access to all that this forum offers. It's free and it's can you beat that? ;)

For existing members, try signing out and you will quickly see what you have been taking for granted as far as this forum goes!

I know I am posting this in the wrong place, but I had to pick an area of the forum where non-members might have access to it.


 Time to bring this post by Art back to the top.  There is so much information that non members should really join to get the real facts and help they need.  Colloidal silver/silver nanoparticals (AgNP) is a miracle waiting to happen to you. And very inexpensive if you make it your self!



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