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Ionic/colloidal silver (Did I do it right)

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I made a batch of 20% ionic silver with electrolyte.  Once it was finished I added two drops of karo/vodka mixture. (both according to Kephra recipe). I heated it in the microwave to 140 degrees.   Once it was done and cooled it turned to the golden yellow.  Is that all I need for it to be capped at the 20% colloidal silver?   

I know I need gelatin for higher ppm, but I think I read that at low ppm the karo would cap it.  Am I correct? 

Yes, your batch sounds very good. Go ahead and use it.

Thank you for your reply.

 I am fighting off swollen glands at the moment. Would you suggest I drink a cup of it several times a day?  Once the colloidal silver is made can it be reheated without incident?  I was wondering if I could heat it and add a tea bag or something or if that would mess it up. 

  I have ordered a heat/magnetic stirrer but have not received it yet.  I was wanting to get a few batches under my belt before trying to make the 320 ppm.  Once I do make this, can the appropriate amount of drops be added to a hot or cold  beverage?

One more question please.  For external use on cuts and such does capping with a gelatin make it not as effective for that as an ionic silver would be, or does the gelatin break down when exposed to air the same way jello would turn to liquid if left out on a counter?

I would not add a teabag to the dose.

I would also use maltodextrin or Karo reduction for external use, not gelatine-capped.


I don't believe that reducing with Karo/vodka is considered 'capping.'  Did I get this wrong?

Colloidal Silver prepared this way will not make it beyond the stomach. If greater Colloidal Silver concentration in the body is required, capping with gelatin is required so that the Colloidal Silver makes it to the intestines.


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