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Please help with some questions about all Colloidal Silver and Ionic


I just want to clarify a few things for myself and have it all in one place

Washing soda = electrolyte- gives a jump start to both ionic and Colloidal Silver?
Karo/vodka = reducing agent/capping agent  what is its exact purpose and is it used in both ionic and Colloidal Silver?
Gelatin= capping agent used to protect the silver to pass through stomach acids?  any other purpose?
Maltodextrin= alternative reducing agent?  How much does one use in place of the karo?  It is for higher ppm solutions? 

What exactly does reducing agent do in the process? 
If making a 320 ppm which I am currently doing for the first time with the karo reducer is it stable or would it be better made with maltodextrin?

I am using a 1 c pyrex measure cup and having a hard time with keeping the bullion above the weld.  I tried to use what I thought was a genius idea (my french press ring) with the plastic cover over it only to find I get zero volts.  What are you all using when making small heated batches as a heat resistant glass?

If someone could help me with all these questions I would really appreciate it.  I took the time a few weeks ago to gather all this info and put it on my "notes" in my computer and somehow all but 2 of the "notes" have been wiped out by an upgrade.  Next time they are going into documents!


  You will find all your answers in the articles section.  You really have to read it and understand it before jumping in the deep end.  I make hand written notes and put them in a folder with my equipment.  Who knows, someone might inherit it and this forum could be no more.  Notes are the only way...if you can read them.  ;)


Yes Bobby I agree.  I did find that section again and get answers to alot of my questions, but one particular question is the maltodextrin sub for karo.  Is that better to use in 320 than karo?  Or is that only better for uncapped? 

I did make a successful batch of 320 with the recipe that came with the machine. Anyone can follow a recipe but I want to learn more and I dont have a scientific mind, so all this math stuff is rocket science to me.  I also need an alternative to the pyrex measure cup I made it in.  The depth is not enough and it was difficult trying to keep the top on there and the water level not to touch the welded point of the bullion.

I use a borosilicate beaker for making the hot 320 ppm. It can handle the heat stress without breaking. You can find them at Amazon if you don't know where to look.

Thank you, Neofizz


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