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Silvertron - still available?

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Is the Silvertron still being made?  I went to the online store and it has been down for maintenance for several days.  How can I purchase one, I’m located in the USA?

You can PM Kephra. He is the masterful person who makes them, and no-one else has the required skill to do so. The technology and theory is well-known, but the ability to put the theory into a convenient box is not a commonplace.

This January 3rd, I gained 6 inches around my waist in 2 days.  Wife took me to hospital where I was CT scanned and ultrasounded.  Results showed I have non-alcohol fatty liver, ascites, enlarged heart, enlarged pulmonary artery, and diverticulitis.  I was given an Rx for augmentin and sent home.  I couldn't eat much, and in 5 weeks, have lost 30 pounds. But, I have not recovered.  I suspect a misdiagnosis.

So, I no longer have the strength or ability to build SilverTrons.  Accordingly, I am closing the SilverTron store.

To all the people who have been asking me when they would be available again, I doubt they ever will.

I wish you all well and I thank all of my past customers.

   Well damn Kephra that’s is some bad news.  It seems that bad news is all that’s going around right now.  Next to my dad your about the toughest guy I know.  You have fought this crappie system for a long time and I feel for you my friend.

  A misdiagnoses???  Yep I bet your right!  Nobody knows our own body like we do.  Hell my cardiologist just told me I have an aneurysm on my aorta at the valve on my heart.  He said go home and think about it and we will decide what to do in June?  Until then don’t do anything strenuous?  Well OK then!  Yep we are at their mercy but keep on fighting like I know you will. 

   Let me thank you on the worlds behalf for the giant gift that is the SilverTron Elite.  Well not just the Elite, but the Jr’s and the minis.  They are irreplaceable in my mind.  Then there is all the research and knowledge you have shared on colloidal silver and colloidal gold. 

   Hero is an overused phrase but that’s you for sure!  Are you blushing yet?  Well it’s all true!  Hero, hero hero!

   You are a great example for us all.  Me and mine will be praying for you and yours.  God bless you my brother and remember, if you need anything just let us know.


So sorry to hear the news... My entire family's health has benefitted greatly from your life's work, Mr. Peters and we all Thank You, deeply from the heart, for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with humanity. To perhaps make the world a little better place? To me and many others, I believe it would be a resounding 'Yes!'. So from where I'm standing, have seen you do a divine thing, sir, and we will always praise you and the grace of the divine that dwells within you for bringing relief to so many.

I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry - Cannonball Adderely plays for me now... Much Love, Brother !


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