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I want to buy a generator.


Hi All,
Is there anyone, in this forum, that could suggest where i can buy a good quality colloidal silver generator. Obviously i know the silvertron is the best but unfortunately for me Im too late to buy this as its no longer in production and i have no rlectronic knowledge to trust myself to make my own.
Thank you for your help.

Follow the instructions in the series at the top of the Colloidal Silver Production thread. It's cheaper.

I am also wanting to buy a generator in the USA.  Problem is my time is very limited and the process to build a kit looks very time consuming as well as complicated for a novice like myself. Are there any good options as far as a shelf unit that could possibly be modified to work properly? Or Could you possibly offer a shelf unit you made? Looking for any good options with my known inabilities.
Thank You for your help

An after thought... this unit came highly recommended...
please give any thoughts on this if possible
Thanks again

Here is a video from Turbidaceous for you to watch.

Read this.

Here is my setup.

--- Quote from: bcboy on June 28, 2020, 09:07:26 PM ---DC Power Supply Variable 60V/5A Switching Regulated 4-Digital Power is what I use.

And it doesn't cost 699 dollars.

SH-2 Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Dual Control with 1 inch Stir Bar.

3.3 Borosilicate glass.

--- End quote ---

9999 Pure Silver Wire 12 Gauge - 2-6" Pieces for Making Colloidal Silver.

1 oz Silver Bar


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