Author Topic: Substitute to karo light corn syrup for making reducing agent  (Read 304 times)

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Re: Substitute to karo light corn syrup for making reducing agent
« Reply #15 on: May 28, 2020, 07:47:11 PM »
Thank you both for your answers! I was successful at my first 20ppm! With the karo... I know that the word 'organic' is pretty twisted at this point and yes Neofizz I have always argued the point that all food should be considered 'organic' and that in fact it's all backwards because I feel like 'all natural' should mean more and organic is just a label that means like u said... carbon in it... so the programming is all weird with that stuff....

I totally get what yall are saying my only worry is about the uneducated people and their answer when I tell them I use karo syrup as a reducing agent...
Maybe I just just say "glucose and maltose"
I may experiment with the non-gmo organic version just so I can say it was derived from an 'organic' source.

Cause for some this comes down to a morality issue more... I understand that karo syrup is refined therefore pure product however in order to produce it I'm sure glyphosate was used. Maybe there is no glyphosate in karo syrup but some bees might have died in the process of growing the corn to make the karo. So therefore by using the product we are promoting gmo and glyphosate...

These arent things I am super worried about but more what I know certain friends would be and would be cause for much debate...

Thank you all again! I'm super happy I was able to succeed at 20ppm true colloidal silver the first time! Everything I am learning here about silver is so fascinating!