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14 gauge gold wire and 1 oz silver bullion.


Here is a picture of my first run mid stage.

40ppm (approx) Colloidal Gold, Electrolysis I

250 ml hot distilled water
100 mg sodium chloride (table salt ok, NOT sea salt)
110 mg trisodium citrate monohydrate
14 gauge gold wire and 1 oz silver bullion.
1 ml Cinnamon Extract
Electrolyze with 350 milliamp current for 25 to 30 minutes
Constant stirring and heat required.

First batch stayed clear? Its in the picture, in the middle. Here is the second try with a 10 gauge copper wire after about 10 minutes.

Here it is after 30 minutes. I wonder what happened to the first batch? Did the gold stick to the silver bullion and went clear?


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