Author Topic: Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide  (Read 87 times)

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Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide
« on: September 13, 2020, 02:13:49 AM »
Today I made a 2 liter batch of colloidal silver and when I poured into my storage containers I had about 1 pint that didn't fit into the prepared jars.  I ended up pouring it into a jar that I had rinsed with hydrogen peroxide.  Since I was not going to keep it I just poured it into that jar.  It was a 10ppm silver and was gelatin capped and had a nice color.  About an hour later when I was cleaning up I noticed the Colloidal Silver I poured into the spare bottle was clear.  No sign of the original color when I poured it in.  The other Colloidal Silver from the batch looked great. 

I don't think there was much hydrogen peroxide in the other container but it had not been rinsed since it had hydrogen peroxide in it.  I usually rinse my used continers in hydrogen peroxide and follow with distilled water rinse.  Could this cause a problem?  What happened to the color? What did I have at that point?

Thanks again for all the help I have received from this site.

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Re: Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2020, 12:04:29 PM »
Hydrogen Peroxide destroys Colloidal Silver. Don't use it anywhere near Colloidal Silver.

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Re: Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2020, 06:45:41 PM »
Well, hydrogen peroxide does have its use.  You do build up a little silver deposit on the inside of your container over time and that works like a third electrode and screws things up.

To fix this, wash the jar out with soap and water and rinse a couple times (tap water is fine). Then dump in maybe an ounce of hydrogen peroxide (just so its said, by itself - no added water), cap, shake for a couple minutes and dump out.  It will remove ALL the silver deposits.

Now, rinse with tap water again 2-3 times to make sure you get all the hydrogen peroxide out, then rinse twice with a little distilled (add an ounce or two, cap and shake and dump) to get all the tap water out.  You'll be fine.

I do this once every maybe 10 batches as a matter of course.

As far as getting hydrogen peroxide (ANY amount) in contact with colloidal silver, yeah, what cfnisbet said (wink).  Even at 3% its a powerful oxidizer you don't want near Colloidal Silver.