Author Topic: Question about soldering silver bar to silver rod  (Read 275 times)

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Question about soldering silver bar to silver rod
« on: January 12, 2021, 04:16:28 PM »
I want to solder a silver bar to a silver rod and was just wondering if it is OK to use the type of solder that you would use to solder copper pipes. The type is silver lead free solder that you would buy at home depot.
I have drilled a hole in the bar and fished the rod thru so now I just need something to make the rod more secure to the bar.
Since it will never touch the distilled water, I figured it was OK to use.

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Re: Question about soldering silver bar to silver rod
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2021, 08:35:43 PM »
Although emanwols is correct, if you want to solder the two together, then there are a number of ways of doing it;

You can use any method if you make sure that the joint does not touch the water, but there are those on the forum who feel that it is better to be certain about not letting the joint even become wet, and there is nothing wrong with being certain.

1) Use emanwols method and hammer the anode to the suspension wire, like riveting the joint.

2) If you want to solder the joint, it is possible to buy solder which is cerified as resulting in a joint which is .999 fine, like the two components. Jewellers must use these grades of solder, or their finished piece is not allowed to be hallmarked as pure silver, so this is a way round the problem.

3) Choose another method of suspending the anode from the electrode holder; some people have suggested pushing the anode through a plastic plate, others use a pair of plastic plates which grip the anode securely with an independent elecrical contact clipped to an area of the anode which is so far out of the water that it will remain dry.

If you want to be certain,