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My first and second Colloidal Silver batch!
« on: February 25, 2021, 04:35:12 AM »

I finally decided to attempt making my first Colloidal Silver batch!

First batch was using a 14 gauge silver rod and a small copper wire.  Had a hard time monitoring current because my multimeter was not working properly.
Did 1 litre at 20 ppm, karo reduced,  uncapped.  That night, we found out my son had a tooth abscess, it was bleeding and he was in pain,  I gave him some of that Colloidal Silver as a mouth wash, he used it 2 times before going to bed, the next morning he was fine and couldn't see the abscess anymore,  coincidence?  maybe.

I did my second batch today, I went all in and tried 1L at 320 ppm   8)
I used gelatin and my corn-syrup/vodka mix.   Started with 250 cold water with the gelatin and 750 ml boiling water from the microwave.

This time tho I used a maple coin which I drilled a hole into and melted a section of the silver rod after inserting it in the hole. I was afraid it wouldn't stick because I didn't use any flux of any kind, but it worked fine.

I read a lot of posts before trying because I wanted to make sure I was doing it right.
I saw a lot of recommendations to fire clean the anode every 30 minutes or so,  but in my case, my coin wasn't becoming black that quickly, to the point were I triple checked my connections to see if I had reversed the polarity by mistake.  I only fire cleaned once during the whole 5h and 30 minutes.
Only the edges around the coin were getting a lot darker but in the end I didn't have any, or almost any residue when I filtered it, so I guess I did ok.
I did around 15 mA, and 17-22V,  on a hot stirring plate.

When I started this batch I still had my older multimeter which only worked in Amp and not in milliamps, so not very precise.  But about 2h into the process, my new MM arrived at the door. YAY!

So I weighted the silver before and after, I got a 28 mg difference, so instead of getting 320ppm I got 280 ppm,  probably because the current wasn't high enough for the first 2h.

After diluting it to 20ppm, it looked SO dark orange compared to my first uncapped 20ppm batch,  but the jar was thicker too and when comparing with the "Colloidal Silver Color Samples" post, it looked ok.

Now I have a lot of Colloidal Silver to use!  I diluted most of it to 20ppm,  1L to 60 ppm and kept a small jar at 280 ppm.  I also want to make some foot cream/oil of some kind, I saw Kephra posted something using beewax, oil, etc... I might try that.

I have a dry feet problem and had athletes foot all my life. Also my son has a nail fungus problem.  Let's see how Colloidal Silver is going to help us.

Here are some pictures:

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Re: My first and second Colloidal Silver batch!
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2021, 10:21:09 AM »
Your batches seem a good colour and very clear; excellent.

Let us know how you get on with your real-world trials.